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A Story of Hope To Make the Season Bright


As Christmas approaches, we at HaitiChildren would like to brighten your spirits with the story of Chillie Pierre.

Chillie is a little girl whose journey has always fascinated us at HaitiChildren. Born on September 8, 2007, Chillie is now 12 years old. Prior to her rescue by HaitiChildren, Chillie’s life was full of struggle and suffering. Until she joined our family on March 15, 2018, she lived in a little straw house at the mercy of her abusive grandfather. The effects of mistreatment and malnourishment left Chillie physically disabled, crying relentlessly day after day, and incapable of trusting anyone. We found her without clothes, scared and alone in the dirt and darkness. We were so blessed that day to welcome her into our HaitiChildren family.

Chillie has lived with great challenges, including paralysis in her lower limbs. Yet as our therapy technicians have worked tirelessly for her progress, she improves every day. Shortly after her arrival, Chillie gave us her first smile and our hearts melted. As she has learned to trust and be loved by others, Chillie has lightened our world with her sunshine. Today, Chillie’s bursts of laughter are always filling the halls and bringing joy to the other children. We have so much happiness here the radiates from her presence.

As much as our HaitiChildren adores Chillie, she loves her family in return. She especially admires her best friend Romania. But Chillie is also the beloved little sister of Sonia Jean who adores her and takes care of her like a true big sister! She is always happy to be with others and always grateful for her rights and opportunities for education, health, and recreation. Her favorite activities are physical activities and Sunday Church. Chillie is a bright young girl who expresses her emotions, needs and hopes well through sign language. Though her story is filled with sadness, we are taken to a happy ending as share Chillie’s journey.

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