HaitiChildren Village at Williamson is an 18-acre completely walled property owned and built by HaitiChildren. The Village is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Port-au-Prince in the Arcahaie Arrondissement (community). The HaitiChildren Village is the home to 131 abandoned Haitian children, half of whom suffer from mental and/or physical disability. They are cared for by 80 dedicated employees who serve as “house mothers/fathers”, administrators, cooks, security personnel, medical professionals, and pastors. The Village served as a logistical hub for the receiving, storage and distribution of emergency food, water and medical supplies in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake.

In addition to the children’s residence, the Village is the base for the following projects which are described in detail by clicking on the links:

  • HaitiChildren Rehabilitation and Therapy Center
  • HaitiChildren Learning Academy
  • HaitiChildren Farm and Sustainability Project
  • HaitiChildren Church and Community Outreach Center
  • Sammy’s Community Medical Clinic
  • Sammy’s Community Mobile Medical Clinic
  • HaitiChildren Special Education Center
  • HaitiChildren Community Water Distribution Center
  • HaitiChildren EmergencyHelicopter Pad
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