HaitiChildren Team
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HaitiChildren Team

Board of Directors

Co-Founder & CEO

How does one person have an everlasting impact on one of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti? That is a question for HaitiChildren’s Founder, Susie Krabacher. Founded in 1994, Susie has changed the landscape for orphaned children in Haiti by providing a foundation to help the weak be strong, the sick be heard, and the abandoned find homes. Susie herself, coming from a home of abuse, has overcome her own struggles and has created a safe, loving home that promotes growth and well-being for her 118 children, who otherwise would have been at the mercy of Haitian streets.
Since HaitiChildren’s inception, it has given life and a future to the thousands of the world’s poorest, the forgotten children of Haiti. During HaitiChildren’s 27 years, Susie has raised over $40 million, all of which has gone directly to Haiti’s most vulnerable. A dedicated humanitarian does not even scratch the surface of all that Susie has brought to the lives of her Haitian children. Having built a 100,000 square feet of infrastructure right after the most devastating hurricane Haiti has seen, to saving lives of children, to supplying shelter, to providing medical care to children who would have perished without it, to creating an education system for the orphans, to developing an ecofriendly sustainable farming model, there truly is no obstacle that Susie cannot establish a solution for.
Susie’s highly effective communication style that engenders love, trust and accountability, allows for seamless transitions from engaging Haiti’s poorest people to the country’s Government and private sector leaders.
Susie Krabacher is a dedicated humanitarian whose work with saving, feeding, and educating the poorest of the poor has been featured in People Magazine, Marie Claire, Redbook Magazine, Stern Magazine, More Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, the Denver Post, the Canadian Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the LA Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, the New York Times and many other major publications. Susie’s work has been broadcast on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox TV, C-SPAN and CBS. The driving force behind the incredible work of HaitiChildren, Susie is a relentless advocate for the children.

Her deep rooted passion has also allotted her numerous prestigious awards around the world including:
International Humanitarian Award” – 2000, The National Association for the Advancement of Haitians in Washington D.C., Humanitarian Rose Award- 2004, The People’s Princess Diana Charitable Foundation Kensington Palace, London World of Children Humanitarian Award – 2006, World of Children, “Gift of Life Award” – Rotary International, Hall of Fame Award – 2001, Miami Children’s Hospital, “Citizen Cool Award,” Ben & Jerry’s Corporation, National Achievement Award” – E-Town Radio, Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders by John Baldoni, McGraw Hill, 2005, The Humanitarian Leader in Each of Us: 7 Choices That Shape a Socially Responsible Life, Lafasto and Larson, Sage, 2011, Corporate Livewire Innovation and Excellence Award for “Best in Non-Profit Childcare” 2017.
Truly led from the heart, HaitiChildren (formerly Mercy & Sharing) is one of the most successful and longest serving NGOs in the history of Haiti under the leadership of Susie Krabacher

Joe Krabacher HaitiChildren


B. Joseph Krabacher is one of the most blessed men in business today. Married to the former Susie Scott, Joe enjoys a thriving law practice in Aspen, Colorado, and is developing real estate in Colorado and Arizona. Valedictorian of his law school class and editor of the law review, he is the recipient of five American Jurisprudence Awards. His law firm is one of the largest in Aspen and specializes in business, tax, real estate, and commercial litigation. Prior to focusing on real estate development, Joe co-founded a satellite communications company and a fiber optic networking company. Joe is Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer for HaitiChildren. He is responsible for legal matters as well as financial and auditing matters and has a BA degree in Accounting and Finance. Joe speaks two languages, plays the piano, guitar, saxophone, and flute and is an avid windsurfer and snowboarder.

Jeff Leck HaitiChildren

Board Member

Jeffrey is a venture capital investor who has managed institutional private equity funds for several decades. He has served on the HaitiChildren Board since 2004.

Raymond HaitiChildren


Raymond earned his B.S. at Michigan State University. He held various management positions with The Conde Nast Publications, Waldenbooks, Inc. and The Hearst Corporation. Marie earned her Bachelors degree from Loyola University Chicago. Her professional expertise is in the area of accounting. Raymond and Marie have two children. They have completed numerous overseas bicycle trips and are avid philanthropists.

Jerry HaitiChildren


Jerry was born in 1951. He is a Colorado native, growing up in the small town of Idaho Springs. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1973 with a degree in accounting, became a CPA and began working in Denver at the international accounting firm of KPMG (Peat, Marwick & Mitchell at that time). In 1981 he became Chief Financial Officer of Whiting Petroleum Corporation—a small private Denver based oil and gas company. Jerry later became Vice President of Finance at Whiting as the Company grew into a larger public company before being acquired by mid-western utility company. Jerry retired from Whiting in 2000. He also coached girls basketball for twenty three years, the last seven at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, CO.

Julie HaitiChildren


Julie was born in 1950. She is also a Colorado native, growing up in Brush and later moving to Idaho Springs. Julie attended one year of college in Rangley, CO before beginning a career in the insurance industry. After Julie and Jerry started a family she began her long career as a stay at home mom. Jerry and Julie also owned and operated two small businesses. They owned a motel in Idaho Springs for twenty years and a Dairy Queen franchise restaurant in Arvada, CO for twenty six years. They were very hands-on owners of both successful businesses, and Julie became quite well known in the area for the quality and creativity of her ice cream cake decorating. Jerry and Julie have four adult daughters and fifteen grandchildren. They enjoy their grandchildren’s activities, travel, golf, and are active volunteers in their church community.


Janice James is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Prism Healthcare Partners LTD. She has more than 30 years of experience in management and consulting, with an emphasis in healthcare finance and operations across both the provider and payer arenas. Renowned for her expertise in the U.S. healthcare industry, Janice has served as a CEO for multistate health systems and health plans, successfully leading them through growth and change.

Janice has a history of successfully leading healthcare performance improvement projects, which have yielded upwards of $100 million in annual recurring benefits. Earlier in her career, she also served as CFO for multi-hospital divisions with both for-profit and non-profit hospital corporations and health systems. In addition, Janice has held several leadership positions within the HMO industry, including CEO, CFO and operations vice president.

Janice has been supporting HaitiChildren for years.  Her faithful dedication to our mission helps us advance our medical outreach.  Janice joined the HaitiChildren Board in 2021.

US Staff



Optima Office is a leader in servicing nonprofit organizations and 501C3’s. We provide services such as board governance, financial and cash management, budget to actual reporting, human resources, operations support and fractional nonprofit CFO’s. Our goal is to support the organization by providing strategic advice and either a full team of accounting and HR professionals or filling gaps as needed.


One area in which we can help nonprofit organizations is by overseeing the development and active management of Strategic Planning. We can host strategic planning sessions, leading your organization through the development of the vision and mission statements, goals and objectives, SWOT analysis, and the implementation of the plan itself.


Director of Operations

Aaron Overfield is a seasoned business leader with more than 7 years of experience successfully leading, managing, marketing, and running large retail businesses. He has had a focus on general management, marketing, leadership development, financing, and P&L management, as well as overseeing multiple operations. His pivotal contributions to his previous organization resulted in growth from 8 million to 13 million annually. The knowledge and skillsets that he has developed have translated nicely, and become a great asset to our mission.

Aaron grew up in rural western Pennsylvania before making his move down south to South Carolina. He has an unwavering character and integrity, fueled by a disciplined work ethic formed early on in his upbringing. Hunting, fishing, and golf are the main hobbies that he enjoys in beautiful Charleston but he also tries to get to as many sporting events as he can.


Deputy Executive Director

Frank was a Top-Ranked Manager with HHGregg Appliances and Electronics, in charge of Business Operations, Business Planning, P&L Management, Cost/Payroll Control, Sales Analysis, Team Building and Recruiting and Leadership Development.  He was responsible for managing over $100MM in assets, before pursuing his career in Business Consulting and obtaining his license in Real Estate.

His relentless work ethic combined with a strong passion for people and service has helped him excel as a leader in the nonprofit space. Frank has found his home at HaitiChildren as the Deputy Executive Director where he oversees the implementation of key initiatives, donor communication, fundraising efforts, as well as improving process efficiencies and ensuring business operations are executed at a high degree. Frank is also responsible for developing and cascading the organization’s strategy and mission statement to the staff and implementing appropriate recognition and corrective practices to align donor’s support with our mission.

In his free time, Frank is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys fishing, hiking, camping and boating. Although he loves travel, he’s made Colorado his home because of the combination of history, natural beauty, hiking, fishing and amazing golf.

Haiti In-Country Staff

HaitiChildren Administration Supervisor

Gérald Oriol, Jr. is internationally renowned for his work in the field of disability rights and has made significant contributions advancing the disability agenda in Haiti where he is the country’s twice-appointed Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities. He first served under President Michel Martelly from October 2011 to April 2016, and then again,
under President Jovenel Moise from April 2017 to March 2020.
Oriol directs a staff of approximately 70 personnel working from seven offices
throughout the country, which provide services to an estimated one million persons with disabilities. Oriol and his staff at the Bureau of the Secretary of State for the Integration of
Persons with Disabilities (BSEIPH) are tasked with advancing the rights of persons with disabilities in Haiti; providing access to education for children with disabilities; creating
economic opportunities for persons with disabilities; promoting the development of a physically
accessible environment; and further developing the resources and capabilities of the BSEIPH.
During his tenure in office, Oriol has advanced multiple pieces of legislation on disability
rights, which have further strengthened the legal framework around disability in Haiti, a country
that is already a signor of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Soon
after his first nomination as Secretary, Oriol and other collaborators followed up with the
parliament to have the Law for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities voted in the Senate
and promulgated by President Martelly in the official journal, Le Moniteur. Oriol and his
partners also drafted the bill establishing accessibility standards in Haiti, which was recently
voted in parliament and promulgated by President Moise in the official journal, Le Moniteur.
Oriol worked on a bill to establish the National Solidarity Fund for the Integration of Persons
with Disabilities, which was approved by Haiti's Ministerial Cabinet, voted in the lower house of
the parliament and is now awaiting the Senate’s approval.
In his post as Secretary with the disability portfolio, Oriol has collaborated directly with
organizations such as USAID, the World Bank, the European Union, the United Nations, the
Organization of American States and the CARICOM. He has represented Haiti at disability
conferences in Qatar, Ecuador, Panama and the United States.
Oriol also has extensive experience in the private and non-profit sectors. From September
2016 to April 2017, Oriol served as a Special Adviser to HaitiChildren, a U.S. non-profit
supporting orphaned and disabled children in Haiti. Prior to his first appointment as Secretary,
Oriol worked for several years as a consultant in the drinking water industry. He is also a
shareholder in TECINA SA, a Haitian company specialized in the study, management and
performance of construction projects.

In 2006, Oriol co-founded Fondation J’Aime Haiti [I Love Haiti Foundation], a non-
profit that champions the rights of disabled and impoverished persons in Haiti. J’Aime Haiti
developed several notable programs including Moun Andikape Pa Ka Pe [Persons with
disabilities cannot remain silent], a radio program which aims to raise awareness on disability in
Oriol received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida and his Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard University. He received an Honorary
Doctor of Public Service degree from Texas Christian University in December of 2017.
Oriol is the recipient of several notable awards including the 2013 Texas Christian University Global Innovator Award and the Fondation Lucienne Deschamps 2011 Prix Humanitaire. Oriol has been featured four times in Ability Magazine, the leading disability magazine in the world.
Oriol resides in Port-au-Prince with his family.

Marc Arthur Lange
Program Director/Assistant Orphanage Directorr

Marc Arthur LANGE was born on October 28th, 1984 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He grew up in a single Christian family and has been a devoted Christian his whole life. Marc has dedicated his life to be his  “brothers and sisters keeper”.  Marc joined the HaitiChildren organization in January 2022 as the Program Director.  Marc has an extensive background in management and education and is a pivotal member of the HaitiChildren team.  Marc oversees all projects and coordinates with the Executive Leadership team on all campaigns and initiatives.

Marc loves spending time with his wife and the children at the campus and is the President of his local English Club.

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