We Can Make A Difference.

Give the gift of a better future for the children of Haiti.
By choosing to donate, you are taking an active part in providing
food, shelter, education and healthcare.

Every Child
Deserves A Chance.

Our Mission is to create the future leaders of Haiti through the provision of education, healthcare, advocacy and care for abandoned children with quantifiable accountability measures.

We can accomplish all this with your help.

Key Issues

Learn more about the key issues Haitians are facing and the changes that need to happen within the country.


We are creating an environment that supplies the necessities of life such as food, water and clean air.


Read about the achievements we’ve made with the support of our donors. We are truly grateful for your support.

Sponsor A Student

Help students attend school. A $30 per month contribution provides a year’s worth of education for each student you sponsor.

The impact you make by donating


HaitiChildren provides 25,128 meals monthly for children and staff. Your support not only allows us to feed more children but helps us continue to grow food for them.

medicine & health

We administer medical care for over 1,500 people per month at no charge. We perform wellness checks, medical exams and supply any necessary medicine.


HaitiChildren has built three water wells that provide more than 10,000 gallons of water per day.


With the help of our donors, we were able to build three greenhouses. We are raising livestock and have planted vegetables for consumption, guaranteeing a sustainable future for the community.

Haiti In Numbers

Only 2% of Haiti's arable land is not deforested
50% of children under the age of 5 are malnourished
10% of the child population dies before age 4
50% of Haitians never go to school. Only 2% complete secondary education.

HaitiChildren Projects

Education for Haitian Children


Sammy's Clinic - Medical Help for Haitians


Therapy | HaitiChildren Haiti Charity Organization


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