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Following is an article about the plight of hunger in Haiti. Having been in the area for 20 years and starting our presence there with a feeding program, we understand the importance of helping the community around us as well as maintaining schools and our orphanage. With the help of The Vibrant Village Foundation we are combating hunger in the Paulette and Phaeton areas of Haiti by providing an average of 960 meals per day (28,800 per month) to the community. It is something we are so proud to partner with The Vibrant Village Foundation on.

Drought Threatens Population in the Northwest of Haiti

Reuters – BY AMELIE BARON – April 8, 2014. PORT-DE-PAIX, Haiti – Only cactus grows along the dirt road fringing arid fields on the way to the isolated village of Bas des Moustiques, on the outskirts of the northwestern city of Port-de-Paix in Haiti. A lack of rain in recent months has killed crops in Haiti’s poorest region, and left people struggling to survive.

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