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HaitiChildren operates a tuition-free K-6 school on the grounds of the HaitiChildren Village in Williamson called the Learning Academy. 65 of our own children who were abandoned by their parents attend the school along with 285 students from the surrounding villages. Some of these children walk 1.5 hours each way to attend school. The school is a safe environment that provides an exceptional education, a free hot lunch, health care and fresh, free, clean drinking water for their families.

Please help these students attend school by sponsoring one or more students. For $30 per month, you can provide one year’s worth of education for each student you sponsor. Once you sponsor a student you will receive his/her photo and their story. You will also receive a letter from your student(s) in December of each year for an update on their educational and personal progress.

If you are interested in hosting a student sponsorship event for the Learning Academy, please contact our office on 970 925 6520.

Please meet some of our students and please help them lift themselves up through an excellent education:

Jean Louis Ansley

Ansley Jean-Louis


Ansley Jean-Louis is a smart and charming boy, he is 9 years old. Ansley lives in Williamson with his mother and 3 brothers. Due to the economic situation, his parents, he, and his siblings do not always have what they need. For example; clothes, new toys, and very often it is difficult for them to feed the family. However, Ansley is happy he gets to go to school because he knows he will be with his friends, learn, eat a hot plate of food, and feel supported. He loves grammar, french, and would like to become an Agronomist to help his family. Ansley needs a sponsor. Please help this child.

Ocean Fednelson

Fédnelson Ocean


Fédnelson is 3 years old and is in his 1st preschool year. He is a smart little boy and adapts well. He lives with his parents in Williamson. Fédnelson’s parents have many difficulties raising their children and are very poor. His mom sometimes sells coal in the market. Unfortunately, she doesn’t receive enough profits to feed and care for her whole family. His parents are so grateful to know that their son is learning at Learning Academy and receives a plate of food every day. Please help Fédnelson stay in school and blossom in a small world of happiness and learning. Thank you for making this child special.

Alierice Frantzcia

Frantzia Alierisce


Frantzia is 4 years old. She is in her first-year of preschool. She has three brothers and two sisters. She lives with her mother and siblings in Williamson community. Her mother started a small business in the market that can’t respond to all needs of the family. Her father died when Frantzia was 1 year old; however, her mother works to make sure she can provide at least something little for Frantzia and her siblings. Frantzia is a little tease, but very much loves her friends and teachers. She always wants to dance for the class. At home, her mother says that Frantzia wants to help do everything. She helps her mother do things like getting water from the well of the Williamson campus. Frantzia needs help to stay in school in order to help her family and her community when she grows up. Your compassion towards her will not be in vain, thank you for thinking of her.

Fortune Gawensky

Gawensky Fortuné


Gawensky is a sweet boy. He is 10 years old and is an orphan. He is in the 4th grade at Learning Academy. He doesn’t know very much about his biological parents, because he didn’t really know them. He is living with his uncle in Williamson. Very often Gawensky is hungry at school because his uncle doesn’t really have the resources to take care of his family as well little Gawensky. Fortunately, at Learning Academy, he receives free education and a hot plate of food every day. Gawensky feels happy and confident in this world of learning. At home, he is great at helping with chores and helps to get water from the Williamson campus for the whole family. Please, he needs your support to stay at school and become an educated man when he grows up. With your sponsorship, his dreams can come true. Thank you for finding him special.

Louis Juste-Islande

Islande Louis Juste


Islande Louis Juste is 13 years old. She lives in Williamson with her parents and her six brothers and sisters. Islande’s mom is involved in a little business selling coal and her dad is a woodworker. Life in their family is not easy. They are faced with very difficult times and her parents cannot respond to all needs for her and her siblings. Her family is able to gain profits from her moms little business, but her mom often finds herself also supporting her father. Her father spends a lot of time unemployed which makes it extremely hard for their family. She thanks God for giving her the opportunity to go to school and receive a delicious hot plate of food every day. Her parents are relieved that they don’t have to pay for her to go to school and receive a meal. She is very happy and grateful to whoever helps her stay in school. “God bless you and I love you”-Islande

Jeanne Rachelle

Jeanne Rachelle


Jeanne Rachelle is 12 years old. She lives in Williamson campus with her very large family. She is an orphan because her parents abandoned her when she was a baby girl. Since she was two years old she was raised in the orphanage, and therefore she knows nothing about her biological parents. On the other hand, she found wonderful parents at the orphanage. They take care of her just as her biological parents would have done. Jeanne is very happy to have had the life and opportunity she has had. She works well at school and loves spiritual activities. Jeanne wants to become a Doctor when she grows up. Thank you for sponsoring her to stay in school.

Innocent Jeff

Jeff Innocent


Jeff Innocent is 10 years old. He has eight (8) brothers and sisters.
His dad, Obed Innocent is a driver; and my mom, Darline Pierre is a dressmaker. He loves his family. At school is where he is the happiest because he learns a lot, and receives a hot plate of food every day. He continues to be very productive at school because he’s aware of sacrifices that his parents make. So, he is determined to become an engineer to take care of them and be useful to society. He needs a sponsor to stay at school. Please help him. “I pray for you and love you.”- Jeff

Perilus Jovens

Jovens Perilus


Jovens is a 3-year-old, in his 1st preschool year. He is a little boy who likes to always be in the company of others. He is a bit greedy, but understands that it’s at school that he receives a hot plate of food every day. Jovens has learned all the colors and likes to draw. He is so proud to wear his uniform. He’s a sweet boy. Jovens lives with his parents in Williamson. He really needs a sponsor to stay at school and have the privilege of receiving a very good free education. Thank you for thinking about Jovens and saying yes.

Lamarre Laurena

Laurena Lamarre


Laurena is a pretty girl and is always reserved and personal. She is 3 years old and lives with her father, three brothers, and two sisters. Her mother died when she was 1 year old. Her father does not work, which makes taking care of his children very difficult. This family has gone through a lot in their life and little Laurena was fortunate to receive the chance to attend school. She receives a very good free education and a hot plate of food every day. Her teachers support her a lot in order to help her gain confidence in herself. Without your support, Laurena will not be able to stay in the learning environment. Laurena will not be able to continue her physical and intellectual development. Please, sponsor her by offering a better life for this child.

Micherline Hilaire

Micherline Hilaire


Micherline Hilaire is 13 years old. She has 5 brothers and 4 sisters.
She is very studious and intelligent; she likes mathematics, Social sciences, and music.
Her parents always encourage her to work hard in school, because they know to be able to attend school is a blessing. Unfortunately, this opportunity is not offered to all children. Micherline is happy and thankful. Her parents always tell her that education is the only way to happiness, and she is motivated to make her parents proud. She will continue to work hard towards her dream of becoming a “Nurse”. Micherline needs a sponsor to stay in school, your blessing will save her life. Thank you.

Nasheca Pierre

Nasheca Pierre


Nasheca is a shy and sweet little girl. She is in her 1st year preschool at Learning Academy. She lives in Chinchiron, her parents can’t read nor write. Attending school is a great opportunity for her. When Nasheca’s parents found out Learning Academy takes in children for a free scholarship, they hurried to enroll her in the school. In Chinchiron there is no standard school to educate children in the community. At Learning Academy, Nasheca has adapted quickly and participates in all learning activities. She is so happy and thrives. She loves coming to school and loves telling her parents what she has learned. Little Nasheca’s parents are gardeners and work in this field to survive hunger. Helping Nasheca is bringing hope to the whole family who is struggling to live.

Stanley Joseph

Stanley Joseph


This is Stanley Joseph. He is 14 years old, and he is an orphan because his biological parents abandoned him when he was a baby. However, he has a very large family of brothers and sisters. He currently is living in Williamson Campus, and is very happy because he said it’s the best place in the world. He now receives shelter, food, a free education, and is surrounded by caring people. He loves to have fun in his everyday life.
He plans to work hard in school, and become an educated man when he grows up. Please sponsor to give him the opportunity to stay in school. Find a special place in your heart for him.

Suze Chemaniali Etienne

Suze Chemaniali Etienne


Suze Chemaniali Etienne, is a beautiful and intelligent girl who is 9 years old. Suze is in 4th grade at Learning Academy, and she lives with her parents in Williamson. Both of her parents are merchants in the Williamson market. Suze is one of the students receiving a free education and a hot plate of food every day. She is studious and loves history. At home, she loves to help her mom and dad get water in the Williamson campus. She would love to become a Lawyer when she grows up.
This child needs a sponsor to stay in school, please help her dreams come true. Sponsor her today to help provide her with a bright future.

Valencia Borgella

Valencia Borgella


This is Valencia Borgella, she is 12 years old. Valencia lives with her parents and has a sister and 5 brothers.
Her mom is a shopkeeper and is also a very brave woman. Valencia’s father travels a lot for his job and her mother is left alone to provide for her kids. Valencia devotes herself and her time to school because she says going to school can help her become a better person. She works hard to achieve her dream of becoming a Lawyer. She wants to return to her parents what they have given to her. She is happy and really loves her school. Valencia is a great student and is very thankful for her teachers who have given her the great opportunity of a free education. She also appreciates the hot meal given to her every day at Learning Academy. So, please help her stay in school and sponsor her. Thank you for finding her special.

Wadley Siméon

Wadley Siméon


Wadley Simeon is 13 years old. He is in 4th grade at Learning Academy. He lives with his parents and his 5 brothers and sisters in Williamson.
Life isn’t easy for their family. Every day his parents do their best to raise him and his siblings and struggle with the economic crisis. He realizes that attending school is a privilege, and he is so happy and grateful for the opportunity. He is focused on working hard to make his parents proud. He is thankful for a free education and a hot plate of food every day. He is very happy. However, he needs a sponsor to stay at school. Please help him, because he has a dream of becoming a doctor so he can take care of people in return. Thank you.

Wendy Elismé

Wendy Elismé


Wendy Elismé is 13 years old. He has four brothers and two sisters. He does not live with his parents, but he does live with his aunt. With the economic situation, his parents cannot take care of him.
His aunt Carmene does not really have a good life either, but she has a big heart. His aunt always tries to bring daily bread to the house. His aunt often tells him that his parents trusted her to take care of him since he was three years old. His aunt has raised Wendy and loves him as his own son. He loves his aunt and participates in all chores in the house like helping her get water in Williamson campus.
He prays to God that he will continue to become more intelligent in school. Wendy realizes how lucky he is to receive the opportunity of a free education with all his friends. He said that the best time at school is when he gets to eat a hot meal with all of his friends.

Wonderky Dorvin

Wonderky Dorvin


Wonderky Dorvin is 10 years old. He is in 4th grade at Learning Academy. He has 1 brother and a sister. His dad lives in Port-au-Prince and he lives with his mother and siblings in Williamson.
At home, they don’t live as they would like. Wonderky’s father is in Port-au-Prince because of his work, but he does not really have a stable and profitable job. Her mother is a merchant and with her profits, she always tries to make sure that we are happy. At school, he works very hard and really enjoys being there. He loves his teachers and the director. He would really like to become a teacher, but he needs a sponsor to stay in school. Thank you for finding him special.

Wooseleika Louiston

Wooseleika Louiston


Wooseleika is a smart girl, beautiful, and 4 years old. She is in the 1st year of preschool and lives in Fond Baptiste. She is the youngest of a large family of 7 children.
Before she was born, her mother swore that she no longer wanted to have children because of the economic situation that prevents her to take care of her children. When she knew that she was pregnant with Wooseleika, she did everything to naturally abort, because she could not afford to come to the city of Arcahaie to see a doctor. Her mother did finally have this princess.
Today, Wooseleika receives a very good free education at Learning Academy as well as a hot plate of food. She loves to dance and draw. She is good at collaborating with other students and always participates in all learning activities. Help this wonderful princess stay in this environment where she feels happy and is able to develop mentally, physically, and socially. Thank you for loving this child

Haiti in Numbers

50% of Haitians never go to school. Only 2% complete secondary education.
2.2% of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS (the highest prevalence outside of Africa)
50% of children under the age of 5 are malnourished
Only 46% of Haitians have access to clean drinking water
10% of the child population dies before age 4
The unemployment rate is estimated at 70%
Only 2% of Haiti's arable land is not deforested
7% of Haitian children work in domestic services

Why We Do What We Do

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aitiChildren is involved in humanitarian and outreach projects for the poorest of the poor. HaitiChildren’s projects are all located in Haiti, home to more than 11 million people with 80% of the population living in poverty and 54% living in abject poverty.

Our relief and development programs are funded completely by foundations/trusts, individuals, churches and small businesses.

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