HaitiChildren Success Stories: Nono Krabacher
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Success stories HaitiChildren

HaitiChildren Success Stories: Nono Krabacher

Hello All!

The summer has been tumultuous in Haiti. But we are blessed and grateful to continue to run strong at HaitiChildren. Amidst political unrest and a summer of storms, we are all feeling alarm and concern for our team, our community, and most importantly, our children. Nevertheless, we prevail; and we couldn’t do it with the love of God, and the support of our donors. The HaitiChildren Team was certainly ready for a little inspiration, when we caught up with our Mission Director this week to talk about how are little angels are holding up in the difficult times. We received that inspiration in this story about Nono Krabacher. It made us feel so grateful and blessed that we had to share it with you! We hope you are uplifted by Nono’s story, just as we have been:

Nono Krabacher

We do not know exactly the date little Nono Krabacher was born, but we estimate he is 6 years old. He came to our HaitiChildren family in February 2015. When he arrived, he was blind with a very dangerous and persistent eye infection. He was malnourished, and could not walk, due to problems with both feet. To feel a presence, he would reach out to touch people, using his hands to see for him. 

Upon arrival to our family, Nono was placed on a nutritionally enriched diet. Medical treatment included eliminating his eye infection and therapy, so that now he can see with one eye, and is experiencing much better health. Nono has attended orthopedic therapy regularly, as recommended by our physical therapist. He wears orthopedic shoes allowing him to progress gradually. He has started walking with the help of a walker, which has allowed him to participate in school, and he is feeling so proud!

Nono is becoming more and more independent, even running now. Since last year he has integrated into the Learning Academy from our school for children with disabilities. He loves learning and memorizing the songs, and he rushes to get to school on his own each morning, the first to breakfast, and then out the door!

Every morning after his nanny prepares him for school, he says goodbye to everyone, each and every laundry woman, service man, and teacher along his way. When he returns home each day, it’s the same for him. He must greet everyone to be content. What a blessing to see Nono happy and thriving.

From the Heart,


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