Why is sustainability important?

People around the world depend greatly on the natural environment for their health and livelihood especially in developing countries like Haiti. HaitiChildren is helping create an environment that supplies the necessities of life such as food and water. This provides resources for economic growth and the means to fight natural hazards.

HaitiChildren Farming

Our farm grows 15 types of vegetables and fruits. We are also raising chickens, goats, cows, and honey bee hives. All these efforts serve over 500 meals per day. We’ve built three greenhouses together with “Food for the Poor” and the help of your donations. This progress has created both jobs and a sustainable environment.

Chicken, Cows and Goats

With the help of our supporters, we were able to purchase chickens, cows, goats and honey bees and build greenhouses and shelters. The children help raise and care for the animals that provide eggs and other foods. HaitiChildren sustains the farm by selling the animals, eggs and produce which brings money back into the organization.

The HaitiChildren Village

HaitiChildren Village is home to 131 abandoned Haitian children and orphaned children that have special needs. They are cared for by 80 dedicated Haitian employees.

Your help made this possible

Trees Planted
Animals Raised
Greenhouses Built
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Gallons Of Water Provided Per Week
Jobs Created
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Our Sustainability Requires Your Help.

We are not done yet. Help us grow more food, raise more animals and
continue patient care. Together we can help more children
and create future jobs for Haitians.

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