Tim Tebow Foundation: A Night To Shine
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Tim Tebow Foundation: A Night To Shine

Tim Tebow Foundation: A Night To Shine

Tim Tebow has created a completely unforgettable prom night experience for disabled children around the world. In 2020, Night To Shine, offered aprom night in 721 churches from around the world and honored approximately 115,000 children who are living with disabilities. Of those 115,000 children around the world, 20 of them were our children from HaitiChildren.


Our children, dressed in their finest prom attire while they strutted down a red carpet in style with people cheering them on all around. Some of the children gave high-fives on their way through the crowd. Their joy radiated through their smiles and touched all of the viewers hearts. Each of them posed for their red carpet prom night photo.After the grand entrance each disabled child was crowned a King or Queen for the night.


Tim Tebow highlights two key aspects for people of Night to Shine:

  1. Mindset: We want to love people with special needs. We want to celebrate you because you matter. We want an army of people to love people and to have the mind set to accomplish the goals.
  2. Goals: If we had to set a goal the goal would be everyone. We want to bring the gospel and show love to you in the form of, Night to Shine, because everyone matters. When you realize that everything changes.

HaitiChildren relates deeply with his two aspects: mindset and goals. All people with disabilities, adults, children and babies need to know they are loved and everyone with a disability needs to know they matter. Every human being on this Earth matters! HaitiChildren helps to educate the local people on children with disabilities in hopes to change their mindset that the child is bewitched or possessed. Many children in Haiti are abandoned due to this cultural belief.


HaitiChildren is appreciative for people like Tim Tebow and what he offers to our children during the Night to Shine event. Spreading Faith, Hope and Love to disabled children around the world. The children from HaitiChildren continue to speak about the Night to Shine and act out walking down the red carpet for weeks. It’s people like Tim Tebow who help keep children’s hopes and dreams alive!


With your support we are able to continue to bring our children to such motivating and inspiring events like theTim Tebow Foundation Night to Shine event.


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