Along the Road: Young Father Gunned Down for Unknown Reasons
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Young father HaitiChildren

Along the Road: Young Father Gunned Down for Unknown Reasons

This story contains graphic content and images. It may not be suitable for all audiences.


Hello All,

I write with a heavy heart today. Our Mission Director in Haiti, Erline, has been through a gruesome series of experiences this summer. As we pray that current riots will subside, she continues to report to us stories that are shocking and devastating. After her very scary and physically painful trek home in the height of rioting, a few weeks ago, she has sent word of further horrors. People are dying. The events she is experiencing are difficult to look at and to hear about, even from our homes in the Roaring Fork Valley, where we are removed from the chaos. It is clear to us that it must be so much more traumatic for our brothers and sisters in Haiti, as they are experiencing and witnessing disturbing levels of violence daily. I can only say that these horrific events must be shared, as painful and as difficult as it may be. We at HaitiChildren continue to pray for the safety of our children and team. We all continue to work hard to contribute to uplifting Haitians, so that they can build a better future in this beautiful but suffering nation. We must bear witness to Erline’s experiences, to honor those who have returned to God, and to raise awareness and support for our brothers and sisters who are suffering the effects of the turmoil. Following is Erline’s truly devastating account of the death of a good man on September 16th, 2019.


“As I was returning home today, I passed blockades in the road, on foot again. The smell of tires burning was hurting my lungs, and my feet were hot and soar. Nothing though could prepare me to see the body of my neighbor lying in the street. I have seen this before, but it is not something a person gets used to. I prayed for him as I walked by quietly, knowing there is little I could do in that moment. The young man was wearing the same clothes I had seen in a picture he posted earlier that morning with his sweet little daughter. The community has said that the police gunned him down for unknown reasons. He was a good man who was actively seeking a better life for his family. He was looking for work as a driver with the hope to afford an education for his daughter. He was not armed or violent when they took his life and left another child without a father.”


We can only pray in this moment. But this story serves to remind us that there are children in Haiti who need our support and love. It is a long road to healing, but we at HaitiChildren remain steadfast in our commitment to providing for the children of Haiti. It is our purpose to raise and educate the children of Haiti so that they may grow up to change the fate of their country, and lead the nation into a future of peace and prosperity. We have been able to affect the lives of many. But we need to continue to grow our support network of philanthropists in the States if we want to see bigger changes. Please keep Haiti in your heart and on your mind, as we all pray for peace.


From the Heart,














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